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Our Goals

Promoting policy coordination. Exchange information, form consensuses, raise collective forces,seek for plateaus in developing progresses, come up with solutions based on theoretical researches and practical arguments, and offer effective strategies for the government.

Promoting facilities connectivity. Design and refine the new model for integrating frontier technologies with traditional medical sector. By targeting advantageous areas, utilizing technologies including data transmission and shared information, we will establish the interconnections between medical infrastructures. We aim at setting up an international web of healthcare services and hence providing a favorable environment for future leap-forward development in the sector.

Promoting unimpeded trades. We propels establishing and maintaining a   conductive environment for medical trades and investments in the global market. It will regularly estimates superior products and help promoting them in the global market. We will also work to advance their managements, improving technologies required for production activities, and taking advantage of the full potential of their core competences. We will help promoting the international standards and their interconnections, gradually achieving the goal of the mutual recognition among standards for all healthcare products.

Promoting financial integrations. We aim at establishing a data platform, searching for developing opportunities and profit growth points in the healthcare industry, incubating new value chains, orienting future investments. We will push the cooperation between public investments and that of the enterprises, and establishing a collective force.

Promoting people-to-people bonds. We will reallocate our resources, giving full play to the advantages of collaboration, docking international demands, encourage industry cooperation and enterprises collaborations. We will further study and resolve general obstacles in the industrial development, forming pillar sub-networks which covers a wide spectrum from medical facilities, biological and genetic techniques to Chinese medicine, nutrition and medical system establishment. We will vigorously promote the global arrangement for the big health service sector. It will further support researches and public programs in associated fields, helping achieve the UNs goals of sustainable development in China and Belt and Road countries.