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Smart healthcare in hospitals across China

(CGTN) Updated: 2019-03-05

The popularization of smart healthcare in hospitals across China has offered greater convenience to patients and new domestic business opportunities.

Smart healthcare is defined by the technology that leads to optimal medical services, better diagnostic tools and devices, and better treatment for patients that improve the quality of life for everyone. Tianjin No.1 Central Hospital in northern China is a pioneer in smart healthcare and the digitalized hospital. 

The introduction of a full healthcare information system has significantly optimized the medical services at Tianjin No.1 Central Hospital. Patients can now register for clinic services online without having to queue up at registration counters. They can also get medical advice generated by artificial intelligence from a medical consulting system. The new information system not only offers patients convenience but also saves healthcare resources.  

The appearance and use of various kinds of medical robots also reflect the major development of smart healthcare. For example, the Chinese-developed orthopedic robot is now used for locating and fixing the affected area in orthopedic surgeries. With the help of surgical robots, surgeons can perform difficult surgeries with lower risks. For patients, the minimally invasive and robotic surgery can reduce the risk of bleeding and pain and shorten hospitalization.  

In today's China, more and more hospitals are developing new technology applied to smart healthcare services and constructing digitalized services.