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International Health Exchange and Cooperation Center, National Health Commission, P.R. China (IHECC)

International Health Exchange and Cooperation Center, National Health Commission, P.R.China (IHECC) is an independent legal entity engaged in international exchange and cooperation in health and family planning sectors under the direct leadership of National Health Commission of China. It serves as both a bridge and a window between the health and family planning sectors in China and the nongovernmental organizations, academic societies, foundations, enterprises and individuals both at home and abroad.

Main Businesses

Committed to “bringing in” international healthcare industries and the “going global” of Chinese creation, IHECC has established multiple platforms to facilitate the following businesses:

Government commission: organization and implementation of foreign-aid health programs and lifeline express programs, centralized government purchase of large-scale medical equipment, and organization and coordination of international emergency rescue, etc.; 

Non-profit international exchange and cooperation: development, organization and implementation of nongovernmental international exchange and cooperation programs, and undertaking of nongovernmental international rescue, etc.

Other tasks in support of the development of the cause of health: consultation services of health industry programs, relevant conference and exhibitions, foreign business and investment attraction services, etc.

Future Prospects

IHECC will continue to take full advantage, constantly expand business scopes and carry out sincere cooperation with governments and relevant institution in China and outside China so as to jointly write a new chapter in international medical and health cooperation.