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2023 Visitor Pre-registration Opened!
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2023 Beijing Forum for Global Health

Aug 11, Friday  10:00-11:30

Plenary Session
Towards a High Quality Development of Health

Aug 11, Friday  14:00-17:00

Thematic Session 1
High Quality Development of Public Hospitals & High Quality Discipline Building in County Hospitals (Plenary Session)

Sub-forum on Imaging

Sub-forum on Pathology

Sub-forum on Medical Examination and Laboratory

Sub-forum on Performance Management in High Quality Development of Public Hospitals 

Sub-forum on County-level Healthcare Community

Sub-forum on Modern Hospital Management

Thematic Session 2
Sino-German Medical Innovation & Development

Thematic Session 3
Sino-Dutch Green Hospital Development

Thematic Session 4
Platform for Innovation & Cooperation in Bio-materials

Thematic Session 5
Platform for Innovation & Cooperation in Artificial Intelligence

Aug 12, Saturday  9:00-17:00

Thematic Session 6
Seminar on Healthcare Equity Boosted by China Innovation

Thematic Session 7
Seminar on Food & Nutrition and Sustainable Development of Health

Thematic Session 8
Conference on the Development of National Medical Center and Regional Healthcare Center

Thematic Session 9
Summit Forum on Global Innovation & Development in Medical Engineering and Medical Equipment

Aug 11-13

Research on Exhibition Innovation and Appropriate Products & Technologies at China-Hospeq 2023