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International Exchange
  1. 1. Sino-German Medical Innovation & Development

  2. 2. Sino-Dutch Green Hospital Development

  3. 3. Seminar on Healthcare Equity Boosted by China Innovation

  4. 4. Workshop on Pharmaceutical Regulation and Industrial Development in "Belt and Road" Countries

  5. 5. Training Program on Management of Medical Imaging Equipment in "Belt and Road" Countries

  6. 6. Training Program on Ultrasound and Medical Imaging Technologies for Developing Countries

  7. 7. Seminar on Public Health Management in African Countries and the African Union

  8. 8. Training Program on "Two Cancers" Screening for Rural Women in Developing Countries

  9. 9. Training Program on Cervical Cancer Screening and Early Diagnosis and Treatment

  10. 10. Training Program on Key Technologies and Policy Formulation for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control in "Belt and Road" Countries

  11. 11. Medical and Public Health Training Program in Cameroon