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2023 Academic Conference Registration Channel Opened
Welcome to China!


Health Industry Development Promotion

Our Goals:

·  Promoting policy coordination

·  Promoting facilities connectivity.

·  Promoting unimpeded trades.

·  Promoting financial integrations.

·  Promoting people-to-people bonds.


Our Practice


·  In August 2017, IHECC organized Belt and Road Forum for Health Cooperation, Health Industry Expo, Beijing Forum for Global Health in Beijing, China.

·  In June 2017, IHECC organized China-CEEC Health Industry Expo and Forum in Budapest, Hungary.

·  In April 2017, IHECC organized China-Africa Health Cooperation Forum in South Africa.

·  In November 2016, IHECC organized China-Africa Health Industry Cooperation Forum and Exhibition in Shanghai, China.

·  In October 2016, IHECC organized China-Asean Medical Equipment Exhibition in Guangxi, China.

·  In August 2016, IHECC organized Beijing Forum for Global Health in Beijing, China.